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A Note from the Director

The domestic violence movement in Mississippi dates back four decades. We have made many outstanding strides including prevention, education, awareness, and systems change. Mississippi’s laws protecting victims stand out as some of the best in our country. This being true, however, our incidents of domestic violence remain alarming and ever increasing. Domestic violence also known as intimate partner violence, is garnering nationals an local attention. As our movement to continue raising awareness gains more momentum with our state, what can we do to stop its prevalence and devastating effect on families?

As a Coalition, we are collaborating with various groups and organizations to provide education and awareness. The use of social media and other media forums allows us to spread the word beyond the normal entities. These are key components of our awareness and outreach efforts. Getting the word out is vital, but education is even greater. MCADV is educating service providers (advocates), equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to empower individuals to move from victims to survivors.

Legislative, legal and system advocacy are other components which play major roles in supporting victims and those impacted by domestic violence. These are vital services of the Coalition. There is still work to be accomplished to get to a violence free society. We are making great strides and seizing opportunities for breakthrough. With everyone supporting the efforts of education, awareness, and systems change, we can reduce the incidents of domestic violence, and hopefully one day eradicate it altogether.

Always remember…… Together, we have the strength.

Wendy Mahoney, Executive Director


The mission of Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence is to bring about social change through advocacy, technical assistance and public awareness.


Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence (MCADV) is a non-profit organization chartered with the Secretary of State and is tax exempt pursuant to the Internal Revenue Service 501 (c)(3) c certification. Founded in 1980 by domestic violence, our history is rooted in the battered women’s movement and the values that define this movement. These values include working towards social justice, self-determination and ending the oppression of domestic violence. The vision of early leaders from state domestic violence coalitions was to assist in the effort to end violence against women and its impact in the community.

MCADV is still working within the framework of the foundational principles of the movement but addressing the many vast issues and intersections of domestic violence that impact our communities. MCADV has worked to ensure the following: Education, Public Awareness, Technical Assistance, Resources Distribution and legal Services. As a statewide advocacy organization, MCADV is charged with being the premier agency in the state to provide information and resources pertaining to domestic violence to support the service delivery system for advocates as well as victims and survivors

Our Philosophy

The Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence is comprised of people dealing with concerns of victims of family violence. We represent both rural and urban areas.

Our programs support and serve victims of all racial, social, ethnic, religious, and economic groups, regardless of age, sex or lifestyle.

We oppose the use of violence as a means of control over others and support respect and equality in relationships.

We encourage and support victims of domestic violence in assuming responsibility over their lives in the community.


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