Advocacy Day 2023

Advocacy Day


MCADV hosted Advocacy Day at the MS State Capitol on February 23rd. The event was a great success! MCADV Staff and volunteers engaged with Senators and Representatives, advising them of the prevalence of domestic violence in our state and petitioning their support towards our cause. We provided valuable information on interpersonal violence and House Bill No. 170, supporting Domestic Abuse Courts. Domestic Abuse Courts have proven effective in increasing victim safety and holding offenders accountable. As the state coalition on domestic violence, we have seen first-hand how much specialized courts benefit survivors. Unfortunately, House Bill No. 170 died in Committee during the 2023 session.

We are appreciative to all of our supporters who were able to join us at the State Capitol and those that helped us in various other ways. Your efforts towards MCADV’s vision to end domestic violence are truly appreciated.


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