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2014 Trauma-Informed Care Conference

September 9 – 11, 2014
Jackson Convention Complex
Jackson, MS

Trauma impacts us ALL! Some of us are survivors, family members, service providers, co-workers or supervisors of individuals who have been impacted by this silent storm. This conference will bring together a diverse group of people with a common denominator to reach those who attempt to live under the cloud of the silent storm and provide the light of hope and healing through effective strategies and supports.

The goal of this conference is to build skills, knowledge and awareness in order to respond effectively and appropriately to various aspects of child, adolescent and adult trauma on introductory, intermediate and advanced levels.

The target audience includes those directly or indirectly impacted by trauma, including mental health and substance abuse professionals, social workers, peer support specialists, first responders (e.g., emergency care providers, firefighters, law enforcement, security officers), juvenile justice personnel (e.g., administrators, probation officers, judges), educators (e.g., teachers, administrators, counselors, health), foster care parents and staff, group home providers, advocates, survivors and family members and homeless service providers.

The capital city of Jackson is the host city for the conference. The conference will be held at the Jackson Convention Complex. The Jackson Convention Complex is within walking distance of an incredible mix of restaurants, entertainment venues, and accommodations in the heart of downtown Jackson. In addition to the multitude of warm, friendly people here, you’ll find that the City with Soul has a lot to see, experience and enjoy, too. From incredible dining, world-class accommodations, and captivating museums, to great sports events, fun family attractions, and one-of-a-kind blues, literary, history and heritage tours.

Host Hotel
There is not a host hotel; however, there is a large selection of Central Mississippi hotels to choose from, ranging from casual to elegant. There are also hotels within walking distance of the training venue.

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